Terms & Conditions

All quotations are valid for 2 months from the date of quotation.

A non refundable deposit of 10% or £100.00 (which ever is the greater) is required on booking. Balance of invoice must be paid prior to event.

For weddings and large parties, a non refundable deposit of 10% or £100.00 (which ever is greater) is required on booking. A further 50% will be due 2 months before the event, with the balance due in full no later than 14 days prior to your event.

Any extra costs incurred at the event will be invoiced and must be paid within 7 days of the date of the invoice.

Any commission charged to Peppers by the Clients venue will be passed onto the Client.

Confirmation of final numbers must be given 3 weeks prior to the event, after that time the Client will be charged for the number of persons on the quotation as a minimum.

All quotations are subject to a site survey and there may be additional charges, dependant on venue facilities, for additional equipment required to produce the menu. Information regarding these possible charges will be made clear in our quotation.

An additional refundable deposit will be required for any equipment hire. Any breakage, loss or damage caused by the Client or the Clients guests of this equipment will be charged to the Client at the full replacement cost and must be paid within 7 days of the date of the invoice.

VAT will be charged at the applicable rate at the time of the event.

Serving staff are available and charged at an hourly rate. Please note that travelling time will be charged as working time and that part hours are charged as full hours.

Health & Safety

Peppers cannot be held responsible for the safety and quality of any food or drink supplied directly by the client or any other organization. Once our food has been delivered, responsibility for keeping the food in a refrigerated state falls to the Client. Please ask for advice if you require further information regarding the storage, consumption or reheating of all food.

In accordance with the food safety guidelines all food should only be left out of a temperature controlled condition for a maximum of 4hours after which it must be discarded.

We reserve the right to remove any uneaten food after 4 hours in order to prevent possible cases of food poisoning caused by inappropriate storage of food.

To prevent the spread of infection we request that our Client asks guests who have recently suffered (or are continuing to suffer) from sickness/diarrhea NOT to attend their event. Infections can easily spread through touching food and where there are large gatherings of people in a close environment.

No liability is accepted by Peppers Catering if our contract cannot be fulfilled due to any events beyond the control of Peppers Catering.

Peppers Catering reserve the right to cancel any booking if agreed payment terms are not met by the Client as laid out in this agreement.